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Organics Oceania maintains a Strong Focus in Australia, New Zealand, and the Oceania region and offers high-quality products and services for renewable energy systems and equipment for environmental protection.

Ammonia Removal and Recovery

Ammonia levels in leachate and wastewater streams have been increasing steadily in the Oceania region for several decades. Organics specialises in the removal of high concentrations of ammonia by using heat from waste gas. Find out more


Organics is experienced in the design and build of waste-to-energy projects capable of producing biogas derived from a variety of a waste streams such as: agricultural effluent, winery waste, brewery waste, dairy farm waste and animal manure. Our service includes an assessment of project viability. Find out more

Landfill Gas

Landfill gas is a proven and reliable source of fuel for electricity and heat production.  Ir’s efficacy has been proven in many projects constructed on landfills around the globe. Organics has designed and constructed projects and supplied equipment for more than 50 landfills worldwide. Find out more

Our Service Approach

In the execution of any project for the removal of ammonia, Organics employs technology specifically developed for the treatment of large amounts of contaminated leachate. However, our ammonia treatment systems can be adapted to any scale or chemical loading.


The first step is the assessment of a particular situation. There are several different approaches to treating leachate and it is important to adapt.


Armed with all the relevant details our engineers propose several options for treatment technology; a balancing act between cost, logistics and common sense.


Once the proposal has been adapated to the circumstances, the design of the system is implemented. As these are usually bespoke systems, attention to detail is paramount.


The project moves to the workshop and our skilled technicians commence fabrication to specific design criteria ensuring that quality remains foremost.


Working closely with local contractors our engineers plan every detail of construction, installation and commissioning; always ensuring high standards in quality and safety.


The principal objective is to ensure an effective long-term solution for leachate treatment. As such, we also ensure that post-installation operation and maintenance is second to none.


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