Power for Industrial Operations from Waste

The energy requirements of industrial operations is an ongoing commercial liability that can be offset by using waste material from the operation itself. The conversion of waste material into a valuable resource not only assures environmental protection but also commercial viability.

Ammonia Extraction Technology

Ammonia accumulation in wastewater is one of the ongoing problems related to modern day wastewater treatment. Organics has pioneered a thermal system of treating high levels of ammonia in leachate generated by landfilled waste material in landfill sites. The system has proven to be robust and durable and provides a clear advantage over other treatment technologies.

An Emphasis on Quality

Quality products are built to be long-lasting and easy to maintain; a feature that reduces ongoing costs and the need to replace equipment. Organics manufactures and provides quality products that conform to all world standards. Our track record speaks for itself.

Operation and Maintenance

The technicians of Organics are motivated to ensure that project run-time is optimized and that downtime is minimized. Training and attention to details are critical in ensuring that not only is environmental protection assured but that the project achieves its commercial objectives.

Our Mission is Project Success

All of the people who work with Organics are working towards common aims: the development of the company philosophy of sustainable use of natural resources, the protection of the environment and client satisfaction. Each project is carefully assessed to ensure that the best solution for each case is implemented.


Organics are leaders in the delivery of environmental protection equipment

Renewable Energy  &  Environmental Protection Systems

“The objective of Organics, put simply, is to act as a force for good. No matter how small the impact, the aim is to be the best that may be achieved in terms of the protection of our common environment.”

Over Thirty Years of Excellence

Organics has been installing and commissioning projects to protect our environment for over thirty years. At the heart of our business is the creation of assets from waste in line with increasing demands for the reuse of primary materials. Ammonia extraction and the production of biogas for power generation are particular areas of expertise that focus on the conversion of toxic emissions into valuable resources.

Our Fields of Expertise

Ammonia in raw domestic sewage is found in concentrations of about 30 mg/litre. In leachate from landfill sites and other organic wastewater streams it may rise to several thousands of milligrams per litre. As ammonia is biologically oxidised to nitrate it exerts an oxygen demand on the receiving water. This can reduce dissolved oxygen in the water to a point where aquatic lifeforms cannot survive. Lethal concentrations range from 2.5 to 25 mg/l. Ammonia can also act as a fertilizer. Uncontrolled release of untreated water can cause a profuse growth of stringy bacteria and/or fungi.
Gas Flaring

Modern use of biogas considers that flaring is not the way to proceed in the management of what is now considered to be a valuabe resource. However, there are certain situations when biogas must be destroyed before it can reach the atmosphere and contribute towards global warming. Organics has built and supplied flaring equipment for over 30 years.


The technology for using biogas has been tried and tested around the world in hundreds of projects. It is now an accepted process that converts what was previously considered to be a considerable problem in the field of waste management into a valuable resource. Organics has built many projects using biogas around the world.

organics oceania

Our employees are motivated to produce quality products for use in environmental engineering and renewable energy systems. With many such installations successfully commissioned in several countries, including Australia and New Zealand, Organics has a proven track record in the sector.

Building on this success and looking for opportunities for continual improvement is an important theme in the daily management of our business.

Our Philosophy

Organics has been working in environmental projects that control emissions of leachate and biogas for more than 30 years and has installed treatment equipment all over the world.

Organics has been successfully building projects that promote the philosophy not only of Organics but of their clients:

When it comes to environmental protection, there can be no compromise.

We are, all of us, living on one planet that demands that we are collectively compromised in its care.

Never before in the history of humankind has the existential threat of an environmental disaster been greater, and never before in the history of humanity has the opportunity for working together for the achievement of a common aim been stronger.

It is incumbent on current generations to ensure that there is something to transmit to those yet to come. At Organics, it is our primary goal.

Years established

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Projects that Deliver

Organics has been delivering successful environmental protection projects for over 30 years. Our focus is on ensuring that the projects are installed to high standards of quality and professionalism to ensure that, with correct operation and maintenance, they will continue delivering over the lifetime of the project. Below are some example of our work.

Exacting site licensing conditions often mean that biogas collection requires the highest standard of environmental control. Landfilled waste can result in significant levels of H2S in biogas. Organics has been delivering biological H2S treatment plant that delivers the required level of environmental protection for over 20 years.

The generation of power and heat from biogas is a common method of ensuring that emissions from what is normally thought of as an environmental problem can be converted into a resource that not only ensures protection of the environment but also provides power for on site use of for export to the national grid.

Hydrogen Sulphide is one of the most toxic of all elements that can accompany the production of biogas, whether it is from landfill or from other industrial processes such as anaerobic digestion of organic material. In sufficient quantities, not only can it be harmful to human health but it can result in the loss of equipment by accelarated corrosion. It’s treatment and control is therefore critical to any industrial process.

Wastewater from palm oil production or the production of tapioca, if not adequately treated, can have a highly deleterious effect on the environment and contribute in giving the industry a bad name. Using biogas collected and processed from this type of project can result in complete energy independence from fossil fuel for our clients.

We are chaff in the wind to the life of our planet. In the brevity of existence, we should at least perfume the air…..



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