One Mission A Comprehensive Service

Organics provides a turnkey service from initial assessment of a resource, through to design, project management and post-installation operation and maintenance. If required, finance can also be arranged.

Assessment of Project

Desk and field study

A desk study will establish very clearly the scale of the opportunity involved.

It is necessary, as a minimum, to know approximately the quantities of waste in place and the tipping history of the site. The type of waste and its approximate composition is also important.

Other factors, such as the extent and quality of the capping used and whether or not there is much leachate, will also be studied.

Design and Drawings

Design of components

Every project is completely different and requires careful consideration of aspects such as access, ongoing site operations, monitoring, as well as operation and maintenance of the distinct components of the project such as the biogas capture and collection field of monitoring equipment. Civil engineering must be designed to ensure continued operation during the whole term of the contract.

Structured Finance

Financing for Success

As a key component within a comprehensive equipment supply package, Organics is able to offer a range of finance options to the customers. These include simple leasing through to comprehensive financing and options for post-installation operation and maintenance.

Construction and Project Management

Attention to the details

Once all details of the design have been calculated and a programme and budget approved, construction commences with the selection of equipment suppliers and subcontractors to build the civil engineering works, electrical connections and gas collection and treatment facilities.

Organics provides all aspects of this phase and, as experts in the control and use of biogas, ensure that everything is considered, right down to the last detail. Project management includes the initiation, planning, execution, control, testing and acceptance of a project with the aim of meeting specific criteria and within a specified programme.

Operation & Maintenance

Critical in the long-term optimisation of any renewable energy project is the ongoing operation and maintenance. It is important to adapt to particular site conditions and follow adequate operational techniques for a particular situation.

Long-term operation is perhaps the most important task to ensure commercial success of any project and is all about ensuring that regular servicing is completed to schedule. All our technicians are highly trained in all aspects of operation and maintenance to ensure that any emergency can be handled efficiently and safely.


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